Why staying at a B “and” B is best!

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Not Your Grandma’s B&B

244112_3784228732741_335351593_oA while ago I was talking to a friend about my B&B, and when I asked him if he ever considers one while traveling, his answer was a bit of a shock Continue reading ›

Blog about a blog?

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Small Business Saturday – Nov 24th!

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A new way to explain it

Often our guests tells us of the wonderful time they had here, often they write reviews on tripadvisor or bedandbreakfast.com. Continue reading ›

Wonderful Celebrations

When MJ and I started the Oscar H. Hanson House B&B here in Cambridge WI knew that we’d get couple celebrating special events. We didn’t realize just how much fun, and personally fulling it was going to be with us as part of these celebrations. We truly enjoy having some part of everyone’s special day.

However, as much fun as it is to be part of birthday’s and anniversaries, the best event we enjoy is when a couple spend their first night together as husband and wife here at our Inn.

Imagine our joy when we find out in TripAdvisor that our latest couple indicated to everyone that they fully enjoyed their stay here at the Inn.

MJ and I wish them a very long and happy life together, and also a heart felt thanks for the wonderful review.



New HDTVs and Streaming video now available!

Lots of updates going on. All the rooms have new, larger screen HD tvs. Just finished adding streaming roku boxes to each room, which means: HBO entertainment along with other added channels are now available! Of course, we still have available our huge DVD library too.

We use the roku box on our tv, and very much enjoy the entertainment it provides, and know that our guests will enjoy it too.

How to recognize a great B&B

A few weeks ago I found this great article, and though I’d share the info. So check it out, and I hope you agree that we here at the Hanson House are also a recognizable great B&B too.


New breakfast for summer

With the warm weather here, and more wonderful fruits available MJ and I have rolled a new breakfast for our guests.

The fruit component is a wonderful mix of watermelon, blueberries with a lemon/mint simple syrup. This idea was from our good friend Dee who runs the Pedal’rs Inn.


The other item is a play off of French toast. English muffins have always been a favorite of mine, and a while back in a cooking magazine I saw a version of the ‘French English’ toast, but it was deep fried.

I didn’t want to do the deep frying, with extra equipment, time, and calories. But our efforts paid off and I used my favorite custard to soak the muffins in and then fried them on the griddle, and I love ‘em. We also developed a gluten free version, that MJ loves.


We’re still working on the sauce, presently, it’s a version of bananas Foster, but I’d like to see the bananas go, but MJ wants to include them… So, the final version could be a few reversions away. We served this breakfast last Sunday , and it was a hit with our guests.

A very special week off

Even innkeepers need some time off, and when needed, we take time off.

This next week we’ve closed the inn, but this time off is very special. The picture below shows what we went through a year ago.


My entire family including us were in Joplin last year. The pile of rubble in the background is what was left of my son’s house, and the little laundry room that saved 9 of us. We had just sat down for an important dinner and never had a chance to enjoy it. I even bought a special bottle of port to enjoy with dinner. At 5:41 the EF5 tornado hit, and all of our lives changed.

In digging through the rubble, a week later, my son found the bottle of port, in tact. A month later, on a visit down to help we opened that bottle, toasted to being, and my son named it tornado port. Since then, every month on the 22nd my wife and I stop what we are doing and a 5:41 have a toast celebrating “being”, with a glass of port.

This Tuesday will mark the one year anniversary of that dreadful event and my intention is to have a glass of port, at 5:41 at that location. This time we will be in my son’s almost completed new house, but all of us will be there. Together. Celebrating being.