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New breakfast for summer

6th June 2012 | Closed

With the warm weather here, and more wonderful fruits available MJ and I have rolled a new breakfast for our guests. The fruit component is a wonderful mix of watermelon, blueberries with a lemon/mint simple syrup. This idea was from our good friend Dee who runs the Pedal’rs Inn. The other item is a play [...]

Gluten Free Breakfast

23rd January 2012 | Closed

the Hanson House B&B, near Madison Wisconsin can accommodate special food requests. And, can supply a gluten free breakfast – no problem!

A Hanson House Christmas Tradition

1st January 2012 | Closed

It has become a Hanson House Christmas tradition after the guests are fed to turn our kitchen into a test kitchen. We have fondly named the tradition, Grade the Grub. In the months before Christmas we each pick 2-4 recipes we feel would make tasty breakfast options. Each recipe is tested for ease in preparation, local [...]

The Old Apple Slicer-Corer

16th May 2010 | Closed

I brought out the apple slicer-corer on Saturday as I was making Mixed Berry and Apple Crisp for guests at the inn. The apple slicer-corer is made of metal, and is sort of round with metal handles on the side. It is the perfect template for coring and slicing an apple with one press. Place [...]