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Not Your Grandma’s B&B

26th December 2012 | Closed

A while ago I was talking to a friend about my B&B, and when I asked him if he ever considers one while traveling, his answer was a bit of a shock

Blog about a blog?

28th November 2012 | Closed

Is that even legal, to blog about a blog?  What the heck.

Small Business Saturday – Nov 24th!

16th November 2012 | Closed

If you use an American Express Card, this may be of interest to you

How to recognize a great B&B

20th August 2012 | Closed

A few weeks ago I found this great article, and though I’d share the info. So check it out, and I hope you agree that we here at the Hanson House are also a recognizable great B&B too. Enjoy.

A very special week off

20th May 2012 | Closed

Even innkeepers need some time off, and when needed, we take time off. This next week we’ve closed the inn, but this time off is very special. The picture below shows what we went through a year ago. My entire family including us were in Joplin last year. The pile of rubble in the background [...]


10th May 2012 | Closed

Anyone that knows me, or soon after they do meet me knows that I do very much enjoy coffee. In fact, it’s been suggested that I should buy stock in Starbucks. Heck, I even have a Starbucks hat! Being an avid Facebook user I’ll often post that I’m at this Starbucks or that coffee shop, [...]

Spring at the Hanson House, REALLY early this year.

21st March 2012 | Closed

Here in Cambridge, we are enjoying the really, really early Spring weather.  Although we’re suspicious of what Ma Nature has in store for us next, we are very much enjoying the incredible weather. MJ just came in from the yard, and it appears our plant also want to come out and enjoy the weather.

guests say the funniest stuff

5th March 2012 | Closed

On week day morning, we include a short hand written note for our guests.  Today, when cleaning the room I found a note from the guests, to us – Dear Duke & MJ, Should you find a little sock in this bed, I apologize.   The bed eats socks as well as will power~! ….. [...]

A Hanson House Christmas Tradition

1st January 2012 | Closed

It has become a Hanson House Christmas tradition after the guests are fed to turn our kitchen into a test kitchen. We have fondly named the tradition, Grade the Grub. In the months before Christmas we each pick 2-4 recipes we feel would make tasty breakfast options. Each recipe is tested for ease in preparation, local [...]

Wonderful tradition

16th December 2011 | Closed

We are always learning from guests. Recently, we learned of a wonderful tradition.  But first, a little background. A year ago, a couple decided to get married at the inn.  Since we offer services for small weddings, we were able to do that.   This wedding was very small, in fact, it was only the [...]