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Five Saturdays

25th May 2010 | Closed

In Cambridge, five Saturdays in a month means there is more to do. Cambridge organizations packed May with many local activities such as: May 8:    The Museum and Music Mothers’ Day Folk Concert at the Historical Museum. May 9:    Mothers’ Day Celebrated at community churches. May 15: Plant Sale at the Cambridge High [...]

An Afternoon at the Museum

10th May 2010 | Closed

Late in the afternoon on Saturday, May 8, Mothers’ Day eve, the Cambridge Historic School Museum was filled with the sweet vocals and guitar sounds of the calicoDrifters.  A crowd of the 20 gathered to celebrate time with mom, with each other, and their families. It was truly a family event. Patrons were free to [...]

Really Small Wedding at the Hanson House

4th May 2010 | Closed

This weekend the inn was filled with romance with a wedding: just the bride and groom and two witnesses. In fact, the witnesses were our neighbors. Here are some of the moments we’ll remember. The bride was ready to go, but the service waited while the groom finished dressing. The service was only 5 minutes [...]

Gluten-Free Bed & Breakfast

3rd May 2010 | Closed

People with gluten sensitivities are doing more than just day trips where the only meal out is lunch. We’re taking our gluten-free food, but we’re leaving our toasters and toaster ovens at home. Instead we are staying at places such as the Oscar H. Hanson House B&B which provides celiac-friendly great breakfasts. Our homemade gluten-free [...]

Mother’s Day Eve Folk Music Concert in Cambridge.

2nd May 2010 | Closed

The 1906 School along with the Oscar H. Hanson House B&B are offering a 2010 Folk Music series beginning Saturday, May 8 from 4-6 PM. Families, Mothers, Music and the Museum On May 8, spend a late afternoon filled with history and music at the 1906 Cambridge Historic School. The 1906 School along with the [...]

Bronze winner 2010 “Best of Madison”!

27th April 2010 | Closed

Last week we got the letter from the fine people at the Madison Magazine that for the second year in a row- the Oscar H. Hanson House B&B won the Bronze award in the reader’s poll in “Best of”  in the category of Bed and Breakfast. To be frank, MJ and I are very honored [...]

Hanson House Trivia #3 – Who is that masked lady anyway?

23rd April 2010 | Closed

The woman behind the mask is me, your innkeeper, Mary Jane! About 2 and half years ago, I realized I had problems digesting gluten, the protein chains found in wheat, barley, rye and oats. When I accidentally eat gluten, my body attacks itself. Needless to say, it takes its toll so abstinence is a must. [...]

1920 Solarium Make-over

14th April 2010 | Closed

Once all the decorating in and out of the inn was complete, we knew we’d have to go back from time to time and freshen the look in various spaces. This spring we tackled the solarium with help from designer, Brent Zubeck. When we moved in 6 years ago, we first set up the solarium [...]

She Finally Got the “I Love You Heart”

6th April 2010 | Closed

Three years ago when the Hanson House held house concerts, we met a singer-song-writer duo, Gregg Winkler and Dale Kidd. Gregg and Dale wrote many of their own songs. All were especially good, but there is always a favorite. That was how we felt the first time we heard Dale sing the “I Love You [...]

Nat in the Eye

5th April 2010 | Closed

We had great weather this past week. One could feel Easter in the air. With temperatures in the high 60’s and low 70’s, the shorts came out. It always feels good to put the shorts on after winter and find that they still fit. After Duke came home from work, we went for a walk. [...]