A Hanson House Christmas Tradition

It has become a Hanson House Christmas tradition after the guests are fed to turn our kitchen into a test kitchen. We have fondly named the tradition, Grade the Grub. In the months before Christmas we each pick 2-4 recipes we feel would make tasty breakfast options. Each recipe is tested for ease in preparation, local availability of ingredients; interest to our guests; eye candy appeal; aroma; and taste.

Duke generally picks entrée items and I look for beautiful starter and homemade baked options. Both can be challenging when one of us is on a serious diet and the other is gluten-free.

So this year we tested a fall fruit plate for two with cinnamon-sugared pecan halves; monkey bread pudding (regular and gluten-free); almond torte; gluten-free pie crust; chive and onion potato bake; chive and onion creamy potato latkes; and muddled potatoes. The regular monkey bread pudding is amazing, but the gluten-free version is not up to par. Almond torte is going back to R&D. Needed to freeze the GF pie crust because we ran out of time and room in our tummies. The muddled potatoes are too ordinary. The chive and onion potato needed a bit something. So we turned them into latkes, added salt and pan-fried with olive oil. OMG! Delish! In addition, the fall fruit plate was spectacular and we enjoyed dipping the fruit in the Strawberry Cream. Yes, we have two winners! You’ll be seeing them at our B&B soon.

Have a great new year!

Wonderful tradition

We are always learning from guests. Recently, we learned of a wonderful tradition.  But first, a little background.

A year ago, a couple decided to get married at the inn.  Since we offer services for small weddings, we were able to do that.   This wedding was very small, in fact, it was only the bride and groom.  In Wisconsin, there needs there needs to be two witnesses. Mary Jane was doing the officiant services, and could not be a witness.

This particular weekend, we knew a wonderful couple was coming to stay because it was their anniversary.  We asked them if they’d like to be witnesses, and the were more than happy to.  The two couples hit it off, and agreed that they catch up a year later, on both of their anniversaries the following year.

A week ago was the anniversary weekend.  They all had breakfast together in our dining room, and were catching up.  Since we knew it was a special breakfast, Mary Jane put a small candle in each of their sweet ending course.

The couple that had been maried the longest then took off their wedding rings, placed them over one of the candles and then made their wish and blew out the candle!

No one had every heard of that, or seen that before.  In fact, before I started writing this blog, I did a search, and nothing came up.  It was something they saw years before and thought it was a wonderful little touch to add to their wishes, and their marriage.

We are always learning from our guests, and this time it was about this wonderful tradition.


Dinner Theater in Cambridge for Country Christmas


December 3, 2011 at 6 PM at the Keystone Grill
Cambridge Heritage Day Committee presents
an RG production radio play, “It’s a Wonderful Life.”

6:00 PM – Cocktails
6:30 PM – Dinner Buffet
7:15 PM – It’s a Wonderful Life
8:15 PM – Program concludes

Stay for a meet-n-greet with the actors.

All Tickets: $24.99/each

Proceeds benefit 2012 Cambridge Heritage Day.
For tickets contact the Keystone Grill at 608-423-3730
or by e-mail at manager@thekeystonegrill.com

DIVA Day in Cambridge, Saturday Nov 26th.

10am to 5pm
lots of specials and pampering
from Salon & Spa treatments to Martini specials and meal deals,
with everything catering to women.

Have fun with the Divas!

Dinner Theater in Cambridge Wisconsin,


We All Die Sooner or Lederhosen

 By Chicken Boy Productions

Directed by JeannieThomas

An Interactive Comedic Dinner Theatre Experience

The Tanzenfische Brewery is hosting an Octoberfest Party and introducing their new fall brew at their brewery in Cambridge WI. However there is trouble brewing.

Gertie, the owner, is broke and unhappily married.

Could she be looking for a new, rich husband?

What about her current husband?

Does he want the brewery?

What about Gertie’s daughters and her wacky sister?

And what is with that tall, mysterious woman?!

Could foul play be afoot??

Can YOU solve the crime?

Join us for an evening of laughter, mystery and murder!!


Produced by Chicken Boy Productions at The Keystone Grill, 206 West Main Street, Cambridge WI

November 12, 2011 – Mingling begins at 6:30, show starts at 7pm

Ticket Prices: Dinner & show $22.50 (plus tax). Cash bar.

Apple strudel


Guests this Sunday were treated to MJ’s apple strudel.

Years ago when my mom was alive and MJ’s grandmother was alive, Mary spent time with each of them learning this old world craft.

Using everything she learned plus picking up other tips, she has now made it her own. And, it’s wonderful!

When staying at the Hanson House, you might be able to enjoy this treat too. Mention that you would like to sample this treat when booking, and I’ll see what I can do to make that happen, I know the cook.

Wedding Planning

Wedding Planning September 10, 2011 (9/10/11)

We met one of the most compatible couples yesterday planning their wedding for 9/10/11.

They met when they were in grade school and lived next door to each other. When her dad was transferred to the East Coast, the two of them kept in touch. It was 8 years before they saw each other again. In between, both remarked that while they dated other people no one completed them like each other. He came to see her and the tears welled up in her eyes and his joy was uncontrollable. “I shook like a puppy.”

A month later, she had packed up her apartment and drove 16 hours alone to be with him. “It took lots of Mountain Dew and other of energy drinks to get me here.” A year later, they went to a nearby state park and amongst the fall leaves and intoxicating vistas, he got down on his knee and proposed.

Love is grand

We met this wonderful couple while they planned on having their wedding at the our Inn.  We very much look forward to this event.

Rowe Pottery Catalog Shoot

The rain stopped long enough for Rowe Pottery to get some time, and sun to shoot pictures for  their spring/summer catalog.

Using the area between the east and west gardens at the Oscar H. Hanson House.

The best of bedandbreakfast.com awards 2010 – 2011

This just in – The Oscar H Hanson House B&B has been awarded from bedandbreakfast.com: “Best of” the Midwest & Great Lakes.

MJ and I are very proud of this award, and hope that you vist soon and see first hand why we feel, along with bedandbreakfast.com, we one of the best.

Cambridge Site for Independent Movie

On Saturday, October 09, 2010, the film crews set up at 6 AM. The crew is filming the independent movie, Rigamortis: A Zombie Love Story.  The film is about…uh… zombies in love?  The casting call came early for extras to be downtown by 6 AM. Duke and I are just thinking about rolling out of bed then. No thank you, we have plenty on our resumes already, but were still curious about zombies in love in Cambridge.

We delivered breakfast to our guests at 9 AM and walked downtown to see which of our neighbors are destined for Hollywood. Main Street was closed between Spring and Water Streets. The street was intentionally strewn with garbage as if the town had been deserted in a hurry. There was a truck overturned on its side in front of the Woodshed. The smoke machine was on. From around the corner, walked an actor carrying a shot gun and singing. Did I say this was a musical? He met a zombie head on and still singing, shot him. Now the zombie was “deader than dead.” The actor with the shot gun continues to sing and strum his gun like an air guitar. He is met by four teenagers who are ecstatic the zombie is not longer haunting their town. The “lip sinking” actor jumps on the hood of a wrecked car and continues strumming. The teens are joined by a growing crowd who are beside themselves with a sense of joy and relief. Cut! That’s a wrap!  Seemed like a good time to go back to inn.