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New breakfast for summer

With the warm weather here, and more wonderful fruits available MJ and I have rolled a new breakfast for our guests. The fruit component is a wonderful mix of watermelon, blueberries with a lemon/mint simple syrup. This idea was from our good friend Dee who runs the Pedal’rs Inn. The other item is a play […]

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A very special week off

Even innkeepers need some time off, and when needed, we take time off. This next week we’ve closed the inn, but this time off is very special. The picture below shows what we went through a year ago. My entire family including us were in Joplin last year. The pile of rubble in the background […]

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Anyone that knows me, or soon after they do meet me knows that I do very much enjoy coffee. In fact, it’s been suggested that I should buy stock in Starbucks. Heck, I even have a Starbucks hat! Being an avid Facebook user I’ll often post that I’m at this Starbucks or that coffee shop, […]

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Destination weddings right here

Saw this article on destination weddings, and thought you should be aware that we do that right here at the Hanson House! We had the ultimate, intimate destination wedding here last weekend.  The bride, and her parents were from China and the groom was from Indiana.  Take a look at the pictures, you can see […]

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All guests are special….

For years now we’ve known that our guests are special. But, every once in a while an extra special one comes along, and we experienced that this weekend. Many of our guests leave us notes and comments in our guest books, but this comment. Was wonderful. Here’s a little background on this visit. The gentleman […]

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Spring at the Hanson House, REALLY early this year.

Here in Cambridge, we are enjoying the really, really early Spring weather.  Although we’re suspicious of what Ma Nature has in store for us next, we are very much enjoying the incredible weather. MJ just came in from the yard, and it appears our plant also want to come out and enjoy the weather.

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Mia’s Room Update! New Movie Lover’s Room.

MJ let me do the newest upgrade to one of our rooms.  So, I did what most guy’s would do – get a bigger TV! Now, one of our largest rooms has the largest TV!  Plus, while I was add it, I also added an HD cable box.  Not only can you watch a selection […]

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Just when you think you’ve seen most things, I came home from work a week ago and found a couple of peacocks at our back door sitting in the sun.  Seems our neighbor has these, for good luck, and they got out.  After they were rounded up, I found that these birds may look beautiful, […]

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guests say the funniest stuff

On week day morning, we include a short hand written note for our guests.  Today, when cleaning the room I found a note from the guests, to us – Dear Duke & MJ, Should you find a little sock in this bed, I apologize. 😉  The bed eats socks as well as will power~! ….. […]

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Vacations Are Fun by Mary The Rev

The two of us just finished our first whole week of vacation in a long time. The first part of our vacation was spent in Little Rock at the Professional Association of International Innkeepers. Our first evening in town, we spend on the first floor of the hotel in the middle of a tornado watch […]