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Building a Better Breakfast

The darndest stuff pops into my head when I am making breakfast. Saturday, as we were setting up the trays, when it occurred to me that we had included five fruits and one vegetable on the tray: macerated strawberries for the waffles; fresh blueberries, peaches, and blackberries for our starter; kiwi as a garnish on […]

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Hey, mambo! Mambo italiano!

When you own a B&B, the world comes to you. This weekend the Oscar H. Hanson House B&B hosted two couples from Italy. Our guests were part of a group of about 20 family members who came to pick up their teenager after a year at Fort high school. We spoke as much Italian as […]

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Love Back-to-Back

This past week was a busy week for love. On Saturday, I performed a “short and sweet” wedding in Sun Prairie and the next day performed a vow renewal in Cambridge. Rewind one week to Friday, July 1. Traveling down the I-44 interstate thru Missouri, I returned a phone call from a coworker. We were […]

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High Fashion Comes to Cambridge

High Fashion Comes to Cambridge This year the garden and yard are the most beautiful we’ve seen it in 7 years. Image our surprise when the site director for Shopbop.com approached us about using the Oscar H. Hanson House B&B as the background for a summer fashion line. Shopbop.com heard about the Hanson House from […]

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What is “jumping the broom?”

A term used by parents for the creative ways teens get out of doing chores. A phrase used by novice high jumpers. Slang for the lowest level in Chinese Jump Rope. Symbolic ritual at the end of a wedding ceremony. The answer is D. Jumping the broom originated in Africa and continues in African-American families. […]

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Oscar H. Hanson House 2010 Best of Madison Award Winner

On Friday, June 18, 2010, Duke and Mary Jane Mihajlovic, Innkeepers of the Oscar H. Hanson House Bed &Breakfast received the bronze award in the 2010 Best of Madison Best Bed & Breakfast category. The awards event was held at the Madison Sheraton Hotel in recognition of all the winners in the Best of Madison […]

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46 + 5

One of our guests this weekend had never been to a B&B before. Their daughter and son-in-law had been guests of ours in 2009 and last year had purchase a gift certificate for them to our inn. After breakfast the next day, our couple strolled out to the front porch. I took several pictures. On […]

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Cambridge Memorial Day Parade

While it still had that small town feel, this year’s Memorial Day Parade was filled with high energy and pride. It seemed as though all 1101 locals, and then some, came out to watch the parade.  Little feet danced, the cameras snapped, and our veterans held their flags at parade rest.  All were anticipating the […]

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Five Saturdays

In Cambridge, five Saturdays in a month means there is more to do. Cambridge organizations packed May with many local activities such as: May 8:    The Museum and Music Mothers’ Day Folk Concert at the Historical Museum. May 9:    Mothers’ Day Celebrated at community churches. May 15: Plant Sale at the Cambridge High […]

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The Old Apple Slicer-Corer

I brought out the apple slicer-corer on Saturday as I was making Mixed Berry and Apple Crisp for guests at the inn. The apple slicer-corer is made of metal, and is sort of round with metal handles on the side. It is the perfect template for coring and slicing an apple with one press. Place […]