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A Hanson House Christmas Tradition

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A Hanson House Christmas Tradition

It has become a Hanson House Christmas tradition after the guests are fed to turn our kitchen into a test kitchen. We have fondly named the tradition, Grade the Grub. In the months before Christmas we each pick 2-4 recipes we feel would make tasty breakfast options. Each recipe is tested for ease in preparation, local availability of ingredients; interest to our guests; eye candy appeal; aroma; and taste.

Duke generally picks entrée items and I look for beautiful starter and homemade baked options. Both can be challenging when one of us is on a serious diet and the other is gluten-free.

So this year we tested a fall fruit plate for two with cinnamon-sugared pecan halves; monkey bread pudding (regular and gluten-free); almond torte; gluten-free pie crust; chive and onion potato bake; chive and onion creamy potato latkes; and muddled potatoes. The regular monkey bread pudding is amazing, but the gluten-free version is not up to par. Almond torte is going back to R&D. Needed to freeze the GF pie crust because we ran out of time and room in our tummies. The muddled potatoes are too ordinary. The chive and onion potato needed a bit something. So we turned them into latkes, added salt and pan-fried with olive oil. OMG! Delish! In addition, the fall fruit plate was spectacular and we enjoyed dipping the fruit in the Strawberry Cream. Yes, we have two winners! You’ll be seeing them at our B&B soon.

Have a great new year!