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Why staying at a B “and” B is best!

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Why staying at a B “and” B is best!

I saw the enclosed Ford commercial, and it brings up a couple of points.  First, smart people buy Ford products, and they go to B&B’s!  It gets the subject of B&B out in the public, which is a good thing.

But, this shows you what could happen if you stay at one of those cheap and mostly illegal places, like AirBNB!  When you’re planning a get away, make sure your place is a true B&B, fully legal, licensed and inspected.  You can never go wrong in Wisconsin with a member of the Wisconsin Bed and Breakfast Association.  Once you stay at a member Inn of the WBBA, you’ll realize that a Bed “AND” Breakfast is a Better Way to Stay.

One comments on “Why staying at a B “and” B is best!
  1. Janet, I had to smile when I saw the topic of this post. Sabbath is exactly what I’m wtniirg about for my new post this week as well. Even though our approaches are completely different, I love how God is speaking to both of us about it this week. Your poem is food for the soul. Thanks for sharing.

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