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Cambridge Historical School Museum

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Cambridge Historical School Museum

We’ve been hearing about all the good things going on at the Cambridge Historical School Museum and took an opportunity on Saturday to take a look.
It was as if we were seeing the museum for the first time.  Everything sparkles. For those that haven’t been there in the last few months, this is a must-see. The museum rooms have been swept, scrubbed, and painted and exhibits have been moved, reorganized, and polished.

Behind the scenes, there are many enthusiastic people planning and organizing events and making long range plans to continue the new momentum of growth.

This post is to say thank you to all those committed historical museum members who honor the history of Cambridge with their diligence and hard work.  We would especially like to say a special thanks to Paul Elliot, Dianne Owens and their children Shaun and Joshua Owens and James Elliot for putting a beautiful new face on the museum and adding new energy to the exhibits.

Paul Elliot and Dianne Owens

Our Sincere Appreciation,
Duke & Mary Jane Mihajlovic
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