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Cambridge Memorial Day Parade

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Cambridge Memorial Day Parade

While it still had that small town feel, this year’s Memorial Day Parade was filled with high energy and pride.

It seemed as though all 1101 locals, and then some, came out to watch the parade.  Little feet danced, the cameras snapped, and our veterans held their flags at parade rest.  All were anticipating the start the parade when the Cambridge police blocked West bound traffic on Main Street to signal the start of the parade. Our flag, our veterans, girls scouts, goats, the gondola from a hot air balloon spewing flame and heat,

On Wisconsin played by our middle schoolers, dogs in bandana, decorated bikes, boy scouts, the high school band in their uniforms playing their marching cadence, the limos and bus from Presidential Limo, and the red fire trucks. The band’s cadence opened my heart, tears formed in my eyes and a flood of memories came back as I recalled our band parent days where we’d travel from town to town through out the day: five parades and two band stand shows all before 2 PM. There is nothing like that home town cadence.