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Cambridge Site for Independent Movie

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Cambridge Site for Independent Movie

On Saturday, October 09, 2010, the film crews set up at 6 AM. The crew is filming the independent movie, Rigamortis: A Zombie Love Story.  The film is about…uh… zombies in love?  The casting call came early for extras to be downtown by 6 AM. Duke and I are just thinking about rolling out of bed then. No thank you, we have plenty on our resumes already, but were still curious about zombies in love in Cambridge.

We delivered breakfast to our guests at 9 AM and walked downtown to see which of our neighbors are destined for Hollywood. Main Street was closed between Spring and Water Streets. The street was intentionally strewn with garbage as if the town had been deserted in a hurry. There was a truck overturned on its side in front of the Woodshed. The smoke machine was on. From around the corner, walked an actor carrying a shot gun and singing. Did I say this was a musical? He met a zombie head on and still singing, shot him. Now the zombie was “deader than dead.” The actor with the shot gun continues to sing and strum his gun like an air guitar. He is met by four teenagers who are ecstatic the zombie is not longer haunting their town. The “lip sinking” actor jumps on the hood of a wrecked car and continues strumming. The teens are joined by a growing crowd who are beside themselves with a sense of joy and relief. Cut! That’s a wrap!  Seemed like a good time to go back to inn.