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Comments Off on Coffee


Anyone that knows me, or soon after they do meet me knows that I do very much enjoy coffee. In fact, it’s been suggested that I should buy stock in Starbucks. Heck, I even have a Starbucks hat!

Being an avid Facebook user I’ll often post that I’m at this Starbucks or that coffee shop, and the reaction I get is that I’m a coffee addict or maybe a sales guy for Starbucks. One of my friends responded that I might need to get into coffee detox.

Recently in Cambridge a new cafe opened up –Camrock cafe and sport , that is open late (for Cambridge) and fits my life style, it’s on my evening walking route so that I get my walk in and my latte!

I do enjoy coffee, I can tell good coffee from bad. But, in the big scheme of things it’s not really the coffee. It is the fact that at least once a day, I stop what I’m doing, get a coffee and invest time in me. I do some thinking, I relax, I refresh. It could be tea, root beer, whatever. It’s also important to note that I can make really good coffee at home. Cheaper too. But, at home it’s pour a cup, have a sip, and do a chore, keep going, lots to do. Plus, my mom told me, it always tastes better when someone else makes something for you.

When having the coffee in town I’ll met a neighbor and catch up with them. Bottom line, it’s really not the beverage, but rather the investment in me.