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Gluten Free Breakfast

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Gluten Free Breakfast

As many of our guests have remarked, we make a very good breakfast.  We also can accommodate virtually all special needs when it comes to our guests food.  We especially are Gluten Free/Breakfast experts.  We are because Mary Jane has an intolerance to Gluten.

We can can do this, and accommodate our guests, we thought others could too.  We also thought with almost 10% of the population having this issue, that getting a meals on the road would be easier.

Sadly, that is not the case in Little Rock Arkansas!  We’re at a conference at the Peabody Hotel here in downtown Little Rock, if MJ would like something for breakfast, its fruit.  No other choice.  Lunch, nothing anywhere nearby, can have the usual stand by – salad.  Or, you could hope that a burger, without bun will not be contaminated.

We really now know why people that are having good issues, are so thankful when they get a great breakfast at the Hanson House!