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The Old Apple Slicer-Corer

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The Old Apple Slicer-Corer

I brought out the apple slicer-corer on Saturday as I was making Mixed Berry and Apple Crisp for guests at the inn. The apple slicer-corer is made of metal, and is sort of round with metal handles on the side. It is the perfect template for coring and slicing an apple with one press. Place the small hole in the middle of the gadget over the stem end of the apple and push down hard on the handles right through the apple. Ka-Pow! A cored apple with eight perfect slices or so that is how it worked when I first got it.

I seem to remember the slicer-corer was part of my Hope Chest and when our sons were in kindergarten, we learned how to make applesauce together by just cutting the apples with this handy gadget. We’d then put them in water just to cover and cook over the stove until they were falling apart. Sometimes we’d add sugar or red cinnamon candies just as my grandmother had taught me. Yum-mo.

Mixed Berry & Apple Crisp right out of the oven

So when I made Mixed Berry and Apple Crisp this weekend, I added one chopped Granny Smith apple to the mix for texture, flavor and the apple’s wonderful pectin. I brought out the slicer-corer on my way back from getting the apple out of the refrigerator. Ka-Pow! Only this time after 36 years, the slices are not so perfect and it was work to getting the core out. After a bit of a tussle, I won. The core was free. In looking over the gadget, the blades that used to make perfect sections are now bent and dull. According to Duke, its time to hang it from a nail in the wall. Interested in a copy of the recipe, e-mail the innkeepers at info@ohhanson.com and it’s yours.