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Hanson House Trivia #3 – Who is that masked lady anyway?

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Hanson House Trivia #3 – Who is that masked lady anyway?

The woman behind the mask is me, your innkeeper, Mary Jane! About 2 and half years ago, I realized I had problems digesting gluten, the protein chains found in wheat, barley, rye and oats. When I accidentally eat gluten, my body attacks itself. Needless to say, it takes its toll so abstinence is a must.

Early on, I found that when I am baking, I would inadvertently touch my mouth with floured hands or accidentally breathe in the flour from the air when I am talking and I contaminate myself. To avoid any unintended exposure, I wear a chef’s jacket and a respirator.

Most of my baking occurs when guests are out or in their rooms. Sometimes, however, a guest will catch me in the kitchen doing morning prep the night before. The mask prompts interesting looks. Rest assured, I’m not contagious nor have I been caught in the middle of a painting project, I’m just practicing “safe baking.”

Masked Baker - MJ Mihajlovic

For our Celiac guests, our great Oscar H. Hanson House breakfasts also come gluten-free (GF).  When making your reservation at our inn, please let us know if you need a GF breakfast or have any other food allergies or dietary restrictions.

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