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Love Back-to-Back

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Love Back-to-Back

This past week was a busy week for love. On Saturday, I performed a “short and sweet” wedding in Sun Prairie and the next day performed a vow renewal in Cambridge. Rewind one week to Friday, July 1.

Traveling down the I-44 interstate thru Missouri, I returned a phone call from a coworker. We were on our way to Joplin. I-44 speeds are posted at 70 mph. This coworker went on to say that he was getting married July 10th. Today was July 1st. The officiant they hired could no longer marry them and he asked about my availability. Turns out I was available.

So at 70 mph on the interstate with Duke at the wheel, Sirus satellite radio on, the GPS plotting our way, using my cell phone browser, and my laptop plugged into the car outlet, I drafted a “short and sweet” ceremony, wrote 6 sample vows, created a invoice and prepared an e-mail for mailing. In between, I texted the groom once or twice for clarification and we agreed to a follow-up phone meeting on Wednesday July 7th. Duke’s saying for this is “moving at 90 mph with your hair on fire.” After checking into our room, I accessed the Internet and sent out the e-mail. Whew!

The Friday before the wedding came a request for a vow renewal on Sunday, July 11th. Again short and sweet and include their two daughters, 6 years old and 2 years old in the ceremony..

So the Oscar H. Hanson House B&B congratulate Jason &Tami and Daren, Maggie, Tiffany, & Melissa on the occasion of their unions.

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