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Wedding Planning

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Wedding Planning

Wedding Planning September 10, 2011 (9/10/11)

We met one of the most compatible couples yesterday planning their wedding for 9/10/11.

They met when they were in grade school and lived next door to each other. When her dad was transferred to the East Coast, the two of them kept in touch. It was 8 years before they saw each other again. In between, both remarked that while they dated other people no one completed them like each other. He came to see her and the tears welled up in her eyes and his joy was uncontrollable. “I shook like a puppy.”

A month later, she had packed up her apartment and drove 16 hours alone to be with him. “It took lots of Mountain Dew and other of energy drinks to get me here.” A year later, they went to a nearby state park and amongst the fall leaves and intoxicating vistas, he got down on his knee and proposed.

Love is grand

We met this wonderful couple while they planned on having their wedding at the our Inn.  We very much look forward to this event.