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Wonderful tradition

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Wonderful tradition

We are always learning from guests. Recently, we learned of a wonderful tradition.  But first, a little background.

A year ago, a couple decided to get married at the inn.  Since we offer services for small weddings, we were able to do that.   This wedding was very small, in fact, it was only the bride and groom.  In Wisconsin, there needs there needs to be two witnesses. Mary Jane was doing the officiant services, and could not be a witness.

This particular weekend, we knew a wonderful couple was coming to stay because it was their anniversary.  We asked them if they’d like to be witnesses, and the were more than happy to.  The two couples hit it off, and agreed that they catch up a year later, on both of their anniversaries the following year.

A week ago was the anniversary weekend.  They all had breakfast together in our dining room, and were catching up.  Since we knew it was a special breakfast, Mary Jane put a small candle in each of their sweet ending course.

The couple that had been maried the longest then took off their wedding rings, placed them over one of the candles and then made their wish and blew out the candle!

No one had every heard of that, or seen that before.  In fact, before I started writing this blog, I did a search, and nothing came up.  It was something they saw years before and thought it was a wonderful little touch to add to their wishes, and their marriage.

We are always learning from our guests, and this time it was about this wonderful tradition.